Barr View Primary & Nursery Academy

Governing Body

Welcome to the section of our website where you can find out about the Governors and the work that they do.

Governors have a crucial role helping the school’s leadership team in promoting the highest standards of educational achievement. Our fundamental purpose is school improvement. Governors act as a’ Critical Friend’ to the school, working in partnership with the school community to help provide the best possible education for our pupils.

Ofsted 2009 said,  “ The well informed Governing Body provides good support to the school and is not afraid to challenge the leaders’ decisions”

What do governors do?

They are all volunteers from the local community who meet to:

Set the school’s values, vision and strategic aims, together with the Head Teacher they set the future direction for the school and decide how the school’s budget should be spent.

Monitor and evaluate performance targets, school policies and the School Improvement Plan. Appoint the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head Teacher of the school. Respect the Head Teacher’s position as professional leader of the school, providing support and advice in management of the school. Ensure that the school is accountable to the children and parents it serves, to the local community, to those who fund it, as well as to the staff it employs.

Who is on the Governing Body? One Local Authority (L.A) Governor- nominated by Birmingham City Council. Community Governors- appointed by the Governing Body. Parent Governors-elected by and from the parents Staff Governors-elected by and from the staff The Head teacher


The responsibilities of the Governing Body are shared among committees and working parties to allow greater focus. These are Finance and Staffing, Buildings and Maintenance including Health and Safety, Learning and Teaching, Marketing, and Special Educational Needs. All committees report to the main Governing body. Governors also serve on: Appointments, Staffing, Disciplinary and Appeals panels

Below you will find a list of the members of our school Governing body. They are available if you wish to discuss a matter of importance relating to the school. We are always willing to listen to parents, teachers and pupils, but please respect the need for the Governing Body to act collectively in consultation with the school’s leadership team and don’t expect an immediate response from an individual Governor.

If you would like to be a Governor we would be happy to talk to you about how and when you can be elected or appointed. You can also be involved without being a Governor. We often need expert help on a wide range of matters. We are always happy to hear from parents who can help

  • Mrs. Karen Davis - (Chair)
  • Mrs. Linda Jones - (Vice Chair)
  • Ms. Rhiannon Suttle (Head Teacher)
  • Mrs. Heather Farmer – Staff Governor
  • Miss Amy Renn – Staff Governor
  • Mrs. Kate Morris - Staff Governor
  • Miss Devia Surti – Community Governor
  • Mr. Peter Watts – Community Governor 
  • Mrs. Cheryl Butler – Community Governor
  • Miss. Jodie Breakwell - Community Governor
  • Mrs. Shanita Allen – Parent Governor
  • Mr. James Tippins - Parent Governor
  • Ms. Claire Jones - Parent Governor

Mr. Craig Addison – School Business Manager

Mr. Chris Osborn – Clerk

Click on the text / images below to be review some useful school governance websites.