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Curriculum at Barr View Primary Academy 

At Barr View Primary Academy, our curriculum is designed to be a 360 approach, building on prior knowledge and spanning across different curriculum areas. Our vision and values of InspireEmbrace, and Achieve are at the core of everything we do.

Key Points of Our Curriculum:

  • Inspire: Our curriculum is designed to inspire a love for learning in every child. We aim to spark curiosity and creativity in all aspects of education.
  • Achieve: We are committed to helping every student achieve their full potential. Our curriculum is structured to support academic excellence and personal growth.
  • Embrace: Diversity and inclusivity are key components of our curriculum. We celebrate differences and ensure that every child feels valued and supported.

Features of Our Curriculum:

  • Engaging: Our lessons are designed to be interactive and captivating, keeping students actively involved in their learning journey.
  • Adaptive: We understand that every child learns differently. Our curriculum is flexible and adaptive to cater to the diverse needs of our students.
  • Visual: We incorporate visual aids and multimedia elements to enhance learning experiences and make concepts more accessible.
  • Creative: Creativity is encouraged and nurtured in our curriculum. Students are given opportunities to express themselves and think outside the box.


For Parents and Wider Community:

Parents and the wider community play a crucial role in supporting our children's' educational journey. We invite you to explore our curriculum page to gain insight into the innovative and inclusive approach we take towards education. Stay connected with us to witness the impact of our curriculum on the growth and development of our children.

Visit our induvial curriculum pages to learn more about how we Inspire, Embrace, and Achieve through our engaging and comprehensive educational programme.