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Guide to Zoom

Each week, between Monday and Thursday, you will be invited to join a Zoom meeting with a teacher from your year group:

Year 3—9:30am—10:00am

Year 4—10:00am—10:30am

Year 5—1:00pm—1:30pm

Year 6—1:30pm—2:00pm

By joining the meetings, parents and carers are agreeing to:

  • Be ready for the live lesson on time.
  • During the sessions, children should be supervised by a parent or carer.
  • Making sure the language of children and adults is appropriate at all times.
  • Using a recognisable username on Zoon so the teacher can admit children into the meeting.


The teacher will allow entry to the meeting and then:

  • Children will be given a few minutes to settle
  • Welcome the children—children will be asked to respond.
  • Outline the learning and activities for the children
  • Share participation in the topic/activity

At the end of the session, the teacher will close the meeting.


Stay Safe Online

  • Don’t share passwords or other sensitive information.
  • Don’t use school platforms to discuss personal matters.

If you witness or hear anything that is of concern, please end your child’s participation in the meeting immediately and report your concerns to a DSL at Barr View Primary Academy & Nursery.

For some fantastic free guidance for online safety, please click below:


To access and download the Guide to Zoom documents for Barr View Primary and Nursery Academy, please click on the link below:

 A Guide to Zoom Lessons.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning Provision - Zoom.pdfDownload
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