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English at Barr View Primary


"English is well taught in all years. Phonics teaching is particularly effective in key stage 1, and this helps pupils become confident readers. Pupils make good progress in both reading and writing in the early years, in key stage 1 and in key stage 2." 

Great importance is placed on the teaching of English within day-to-day learning at Barr View Primary. 

The development of English skills is seen as a key part of the curriculum and so these skills are taught through every subject. The skills focused on can be split into key areas, these are: phonics (in Early years and Key Stage One); reading for meaning and pleasure; writing for a range of purposes and audiences; spelling punctuation and grammar; speaking and listening.


Barr View aims for children to become lifelong learners; informed, articulate citizens, who are able to communicate clearly using a rich vocabulary; and who read widely for pleasure and information. 



Our English curriculum is progressive. We value a cross curricular approach as this allows English skills and knowledge to be developed, embedded and applied across the curriculum. Learning, tasks and resources are differentiated to promote the understanding of all learners. Teaching and learning is linked to quality, relevant, cross-curriculum books and novels. Focused, purposeful talk is used to develop children's vocabulary, understanding and ideas. Children are encouraged to be reflective learners, using self and peer assessment. 



Children are articulate and informed; they read widely for pleasure and information; and they write fluently and cohesively using a rich vocabulary. 


At Barr View Primary School, we really value reading and we want all of our pupils to do so as well. We encourage the children to read regularly at home as well as at school in order for them to become confident readers. Children begin by learning to read and then read to learn. We understand that children develop at different rates and we adapt learning and tasks for the different learning needs of pupils in order for all of them to progress. Through daily English lessons and the wider creative curriculum, we provide opportunities for children to develop the full range of reading skills and to become enthusiastic readers. 

Barr View has a well-structured reading scheme based on a number of published reading schemes and a welcoming and well-resourced library. Children in early years and year one have well-structured phonics lessons. Central to all our teaching of reading is the importance of reading for meaning and children are encouraged to develop higher order reading skills, such as inference and developing a wider reading vocabulary through reading widely and discussions with adults and with each other.



Children are given opportunities to write for a wide range of purposes, not only within English lessons, but across the curriculum. Children develop their understanding of a range of text types and how to write in a variety of forms. They are encouraged to develop their skills in spelling and handwriting and to redraft and improve their writing. They complete fortnightly Big Writes to publish their final piece as well as completing extended writing in science and our Creative Curriculum.


Speaking and Listening

"Spoken language underpins the development of reading and writing. The quality and variety of language that pupils hear and speak are vital for developing their vocabulary and grammar and their understanding for reading and writing." National Curriculum 2013

We therefore provide our children with a range of opportunities to expand their spoken vocabulary across the whole curriculum through: class discussions; to explain their understanding of texts they have read; to prepare their writing; role play and artistic drama. Additionally, we ensure that pupils are able to participate in and gain knowledge through listening.

Click on the links below to download your child's English Curriculum.

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