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Computing at Barr View Primary

Computing - Early Years and KS1


At Barr View, the majority of our children begin their school life with varied experiences of using IT from home, our job is to develop their prior knowledge and skills. The core of our computing curriculum is computer science in which the children are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use, through programming. Building on this knowledge and understanding, pupils are equipped to use information technology to create simple programmes.



Our children use a variety of programmes such as ‘paint’ to create pictures of important people or things from their topic work or information slideshows using ‘PowerPoint’. The children develop their understanding of algorithms and programming and create their own algorithms to move the beebots around using the beebot app game.

In the EYFS, children have access to iPads and other forms of technology as part of their continuous provision. The children’s knowledge of everyday IT is challenged to encourage skills to be developed. For example, many children have the knowledge that you can take a photograph on an iPad, but the skill is being able to take an actual photograph. We build on this in KS1 by using the computer suite to develop children’s skills during discrete lessons.

 In KS1, the children have access to laptops, iPads and other forms of technology. The majority of the Computing Curriculum is taught through the use of DARES projects – whereby children deepen their understanding of the Computing curriculum by solving problems and creating content.

. In the early years the children have access to a variety of different types of technology as part of their continuous provision.

Our computing curriculum ensures that the children become digitally literate and develops the children’s understanding of the importance of computing and the impact that it plays in the world around us.

At Barr View we understand the importance of e-safety. This is taught within computing lessons via stories and video clips and we ensure it is referred to across the curriculum. During e safety week in February, the children create posters to highlight the importance of e-safety and how they can ensure that they are safe using technology at home and within school. We offer support and advice to parents and carers with regards to e-safety so that they are aware of how to monitor their children’s internet access at home.


Computing – KS2


Our children are growing up in an increasingly technological world. The ability to use and understand all aspects of IT is an essential life skill. The majority of children coming to Barr View arrive with a lot of ICT knowledge and hands on experience. Our task is to equip them to have the skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT, alongside the ability to use it appropriately and keep safe.  (See E-safety policy)



The core of our computing curriculum is the National Curriculum. Throughout Key Stage 2, the curriculum deliberately revisits skills providing intelligent repetition, for example Scratch in year 3 looks at animation and algorithms, in year 4 embeds animation and introduces matrixes and in year 5 we add variables and in year 6 these skills are applied to another program. The majority of the Computing Curriculum is taught through the use of DARES projects – whereby children deepen their understanding of the Computing curriculum by solving problems and creating content.  CPD is planned for staff to ensure that they have the correct subject knowledge and are fully able to use all resources and fully meet the requirements of the curriculum.



We know that when our children leave us in Year 6, they are highly proficient and can develop their computing skills further in their future education. In addition they are excited about their computing experiences and enthusiastic about developing these further into Key stage 3 and beyond.  They will have a sound foundation to confidently and safely communicate, evaluate and use a variety of formats in the technological world we live in.


Curriculum Content

We make short films, explore the World Wide Web, make simple computer games as well as ensure the basic skills of computing are developed. These skills include: creating PowerPoints, designing posters, writing letters, exploring databases and using emails. We ensure E-Safety is always a priority and is well embedded in the curriculum. Below is a helpful poster for parents to be aware of age ratings on computer games that children might be using.


 For an overview of the Computing objectives over each term, please see the documents below. 

 Computing at Barr View Information Technology Autumn.pdfDownload
 Computing at Barr View Digital Literacy Spring.pdfDownload
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For support and guidance on different apps, that your child(ren) may use, please download the documents below:

 Online Safety Tips for Children.pdfDownload
 Parental Information - Android Phones.pdfDownload
 Parental Information - Fortnite.pdfDownload
 Parental Information - iPhone Phones.pdfDownload
 Parental Information - Rec Room.pdfDownload
 Parental Information - Roblox.pdfDownload
 Parental Information - Snapchat.pdfDownload
 Parental Information - WhatsApp.pdfDownload
 Safety Tips for New Devices.pdfDownload
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